If you are looking for a unique piece for a special occasion or just to enhance your own personal collection then your in the right place! Here at BigJ customs we love creating unique one of kind collectables, If you would like a quote on a commission please contact me via the contact link above. 

For Funko Pop commissions please include the following information with your commission request.

  • At least 1 photo of each person or character's hairstyle 
  • At least 1 photo of the outfit you want the pop to resemble. 
  • If you have a desired deadline or time frame in mind please include that as well.
  • If you want a custom box to go with the pop please let me know, Custom boxes add 30-40$ to the commission price. 
  • If you have any suggestions of pops you have seen and like for the custom in question please include them (For example a head you think matches your hair style). 

For non Funko pop commissions such as miniatures for tabletop games or something larger for display purposes please include the following.

  • A photo or link of the game pieces or figure you are looking to have painted
  • Please let me know which level of paint job you are looking for. I Offer a "Tabletop level" paint job (something that looks good on the table but wont break the bank or take excessively long to complete.) and a "Studio level" paint job (something with an extremely high level of detail which will be one of a kind and unique exclusively to you)
  • If the commission consists of multiple unique figures please include specific examples of how you want each one painted.